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Tradition is tradition and as on all Jewish Holidays, The Catcher in the Sand celebrated Tu B’Shvat – The Jewish New Year of the Trees with a collection of interesting and fun information, songs, clips gathered from the Internet and related to the holiday.


source http://joshuaventuregroup.org/2011/press/tu-bshvat-an-ancient-jewish-holy-day-for-modern-environmentalists


Some call it an ancient holiday which is a source of inspiration for modern environmentalism. See for example a very interesting article in the Huff Post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gabe-crane/tu-bshvat-an-ancient-holi_b_810325.html.


(video source Speedy2444)


A more traditional view on the holiday and its significance in the clip above.


(video source OdysseyNetwork)


We can hear more about the holiday in the interfaith ceremony dedicated to the holiday filmed two years ago in a park in New York, ceremony organized by a group trying to bridge between people belonging to different religions and make each faith traditions known to the other.


(video source dgtemkin)


There is something as a Talking Tu B’shvat blues  and the name of the group performing it is Raytones.


(video source AlfredMullerNews)


Here are the Tu B’shvat celebrations in Jerusalem, in the Ben Yehuda Street.



(video source tabletmag)


Here is what a top chef is doing about the holiday which in this season in New York does not enjoy exactly the same weather (and season fruits) as in the Land of Israel.


Tu B’Shvat Sameakh – Happy New Year of the Trees!

(video source Jewishfan100)

Tu B’Shvat (or the 15th day of the month of Shvat) is a Jewish holiday also known as the new year of the trees. It is celebrated in Israel by planting trees, and this significance is stronger this year in the aftermath of the ecological disaster that destroyed part of the forests in the Carmel areas.

(video source rachaelscentre)

Here is a more detailed explanation of the holiday. This presentation is made by Dr. Rachael Turkienicz. From her youTube channel I learn that Rachael’s Centre in Toronto and http://www.rachaelscentre.org/ are pluralistic, community based, unaffiliated and open to people of all backgrounds. The core of the Centre and its programs is the wisdom of Jewish text presented through a female lens. Rachael’s Centre also offers programs and courses on the interior moral and life systems of Mussar (Jewish ethics).

(video source zakattaq13)

Some celebrate it on the rhythms of rap music.

(video source GHcool)

Other travel in the future on this occasion.

(video source VillageIsrael)

This is how Tu B’Shevat is welcome in Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehudah market.

Wherever you are ‘Happy Tu B’Shvat!’ – ‘Tu B’Shvat Sameah!’ Plant a tree if you can, and think about the world we all live in – not only today but in every day of the year.