The traditional holiday posting for this Purim gathers music and filmed images, all fun I hope, related to this fun holiday.It’s probably the easiest Jewish holiday to cover :-)


(video source rogatkaproductions)


The first clip shows a Western version of the Purim story.


(video source CantorStephanieShore)


PurimShpiels are staged all over the world, here is one filmed in Boca Raton, Florida.


(video source bluesdance)


… and a tenor’s version with songs from Livorno and Tunis.


(video source CafeComTorah)


The Maccabeats music seldom misses such happy occasions.


(video source goddessbuzz)


The Hamantaschen Song is sang by a group named Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad (is there such a thing? :-) )




So go out, put a mask or at least a smile on your face, sing or listen to a Purim song, forget diets and eat some Hamantaschen, it’s Purim!

Hag Purim Sameah!