Sometimes you see a film which has great premises and it disappoints. Some other times however a film which according to the subject and taking into account previous experiences in the genre is doomed for failure succeeds to surprise in a good way. This is exactly the case with World War Z directed by starring The .





The human race is in danger and the enemy is inside. It is actually us and our neglect to the environment that causes a destructive virus to take over and spread by means of the global airlines network. In a few days or weeks, the danger cannot be hidden, as the virus turns almost on the spot human beings into zombies with enhanced powers and infinite hunger to bite and infect other human beings, and cities and countries fall one after the other into Z dementia. Only tiny Israel (one of a few movies my country comes with some kind of a positive face) succeeds to delay the fate by isolating itself and building a wall separating healthy people from the world-wide infection, but no wall is high enough to stop such an invasion (hear! hear!).



(video source JoBlo Movie Trailers)  


The resulting film is pretty entertaining, although the story is not much different that the one told at least ten if not one hundred times. Director seems to try something else with each of the films he makes, and here his rehabilitation of a genre compromised by too may bad B-series movies succeeds, as he can tell a story and creates a few memorable images like the one of the hysterical zombies pyramids, beings that may have lost humanity but gained social grouping instincts,  which had a ‘Lord of the Rings’ quality. Brad Pitt may seem to be a little bit regressing in his acting career, but as he approaches the mid-age roles time he must have felt happy to act again as the sexy savior of mankind, blessed with both muscles and brains.

The word is saved again. The only bad news may be that WWZ 2 is in preparation :-)