They say that Not Everyday is Purim, but today it is (or almost)! We went out for a morning walk in Herzlya and the streets were full of Queens Esther, brave Mordechai’s and Gadhafi’s … uh … sorry … Haman’s. Let’s see what new, interesting and fun material can be found on the Internet about this holiday.

(video source MaccabeatsChannel)

The Maccabeats are a a capella group formed in 2007 by students at the Yeshiva University. You can learn about them and hear their music at Here they are with a Purim song put on the net a few days ago.

(video source einpratfountainheads)

The same song gets here an interpretation mixing rap and dance in the Israeli landscape coming from a group named The Fountainheads.

(video source kartiv2)

Here is a home video by a musician from Israel named Sivan (she writes it C-van) Yihye whose videos on youTube are really fun.

Hag Purim Sameach!