‘Violette and Mr. B.’ tries to break the usual method of doing biographical films about great dancers and choreographers. These are usually based upon archive materials intermingled with interviews of other artists, and students, and critics of the artist who worked with him or commented his work. In this case director Dominique Delouche chose a different method, by bringing to screen Violette Verdy who was the student and dancer of Balanchine. After shortly telling the story of her meeting with the genial choreographer the film moves in the dancing studio where Verdy teaches her students different works of Balanchine, explaining them his art by the very practical means of having them dance his very work.

All looks like a master class in dancing, certainly a high level one. It’s not really great documentary. Viewers who are into dancing or who are are passionate ballet fans you will probably love this film. Otherwise this film is probably not going to impress more than any other professional film in a profession that is not ours.

More information about the documentary by Dominique Delouche, transmitted a few days ago by Mezzo can be found at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0303195/