More than two weeks in the new year and three weeks in the existence of the blog it is time for some news and clarifications.

Yes, I do have a professional life, and a very busy one actually. I am an engineer in the field of the Internet, I am working for a company named AVAYA, and much of my responsibilities at this point in time are related to the technical standards that make the Internet and the applications running on the Internet possible. It is a fascinating field, I love it, and I have spent most of my last 20 years working in it, and I hope to do it for the next 20 years as well. I will however seldom write about my profession and even more seldom about my job. I may comment about the impact of the Internet in our lives or culture, but I will not bother the readers of this blog with any technical discussions, I am doing this on other Internet media every day of the year. This blog is actually about almost everything but my professional life and my private life.

In another piece of news, as they say, I will start including in the blog valuable contributions authored by a few friends whom I appreciate and respect a lot. I hope that you will find those interesting.

I am starting to build my own blog (new decade is approaching!) with precious help from Avi

hanuca 2009

hanuca 2009

This was our hannukiah the last day of Hanukkah six days ago.

It’s Christmas Eve tonight – so Merry Christmas to all my friends who are celebrating tonight!