The Catcher in the Sand is 4 years old! Yes, its birthday is on Christmas Day, a present for myself and for my friends with whom I share beautiful and interesting things that I read, see, hear, experience,  a present not only on one specific day of the year but for all the days of the year.





For the past year The Catcher got some serious competition from Facebook, whose improved timeline allows me to keep some of the memories of the things that happen in a way easy to record, with improved graphical capabilities, and almost as they happen, in real-time. Yet I continued to blog most of my books reading and films watching experiences, as well as some of the travel logs, theater and concert impressions. I will continue to do it in the next year, and years to come. Your comments, feedback, critics are always appreciated.


(video source jaymes hines)


One more present to honor the day and its significance for many of my friends. Ray Charles in concert celebrates A Gospel Christmas in 2003 together with the 120-member Voices of Jubilation Gospel Choir of Newark, New Jersey. This may be the only time Ray Charles performed traditional holiday music in a live concert.


Happy Birthday, Catcher in the Sand!