With Arik Einstein having left us on the eve of Hanukkah the whole holiday looks different. I do not know how Arik was celebrating the holiday. His daughters married in very religious families, he was in-law-ed with his ex-partner Uri Zohar. Was he keeping the tradition? I have no idea, but certainly music was part of his feelings.


source: joanofcards.blogspot.com

source: joanofcards.blogspot.com


Best way to celebrate Hanukkah this year seems to me to look for some of the music created for the holiday. I did not go back in time but rather looked for some rock variants of the Hanukkah music. The findings show to me as in other cases that there is no one way to celebrate the Jewish holidays and live the tradition.



Here is the ‘Hanukkah Rock of Ages’ – a fabulous collection of rock anthems selected and adapted for the holidays.



Next is Neil Diamond covering Adam Sandler’s ‘The Chanukah Song.’



Last but best is the new one from the Maccabeats created for this years holiday – Burn


Happy Hanukkah! Hag Sameakh!