It’s Christmas Day, and Christmas is the birthday anniversary of The Catcher in the Sand! I started this blog three years ago with the goal of recording on it my impressions about things I like to do, feel, experience: travel, read books, watch movies and theater, listen to music, visit exhibitions, remember things in the history. All this blog is about sharing such experiences with my family, with my friends, with people who share similar passions and interests as me. I am not a professional in any of these fields, do not pretend to be one, and do not aim to play one on the TV (last joke borrowed from my IETF colleague and friend Ron). I just enjoy writing about these things and I hope that some people enjoy reading them. I consider blogging a wonderful form (made possible by the Internet) of recording impressions, memories and thoughts about what we experience and to share these with the ones who have similar interests.


The last year was a busy professional and personal year. I wrote a little less in the blog, and also started to use my Facebook Timeline to record and share some of the my discoveries. Yet, I think that The Catcher recorded this year as well as in the previous ones my principal experiences about the places I traveled to, books, films, music I enjoyed. I also hosted with pleasure a few friends withe shared interest, I thank them again for being so kind to allow me to present their contributions to the readers of the blog, and I will continue to do it in the future. I will also continue to avoid dealing here with professional subjects or with politics. It’s not because I am not interested in those, but because I approach them in other spaces.


(video source Rafael Petrosyan)


Here is a present for all readers on the blog – a discovery I made today, watching a recorded show from ARTE TV. The show featured actually a different personality, the German jazz musician Roger Cicero, who told the story of his father, Eugen Cicero (Ciceu), born in Romania in 1940, who was an exquisite classical and jazz pianist. I knew nothing about the two, and I looked for some of their music on the Internet. I discovered that Eugen Cicero was a remarkable jazz pianist  and luckily a full set given by him live at the subway station in Koln, in the year of his early death in 1997, was filmed and is available on youTube. I wish the next and coming years will be full of such wonderful discoveries which I hope to share with the readers of the blog.

Happy Birthday, Catcher in the Sand!