Shawn Levy directed a remake of the Pink Panter as well as a couple of Nights at the Museum, so having a good laugh is something that we should almost take for granted when going to a movie made by him. There are some good comic scenes in Date Night, which succeeds to develop from a romantic family comedy to a crazy gangster movie with a welcome dose of natural and good feeling.




The Fosters are Tina Fey and Steve Carell, they are a couple of nice people like everybody else, living in the Manhattan suburb which is also known as the state of New Jersey like everybody else, doing reasonably good economically like everybody else, with noisy kids like everybody else, going through the teens marriage years crisis like everybody else. They plan to go a night our in the city like everybody else but then they steal somebody else’s table in a restaurant, they are confused with another couple who made some very bad guys angry, and their date night will become something else than they have ever lived through.


(video source FoxMovies)


Two days after I have seen the film I do not remember much of the action, and I certainly will remember even less in a month. I think that I will remember why I liked the film and I entered the good feeling mood – it was not necessarily because of the laughs which were far from my hysteria level, but because of the likeable characters created by Steve Carell and especially by Tina Fey. I knew that nothing really bad can happen to them in such a movie despite the whole Manhattan going wild and crazy around them and police and gangsters trying to kill them every minute at every step. Yet, I cared for them, I shared their like-everybody-else wishes and fears, and they looked to me like familiar neighbors by the time this reasonable Friday night comedy was over.