One of the latest films I saw before ‘Limitless’ was ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. The two share at least one line in which the supernatural capabilities of the hero are explained by his making used of 100% of his brain capabilities, while us, the rest of the mortals scarcely use 10% or 20%. In this movie the explanation is a memory enhancement drug, in the other one magic but is there a difference? Let us not forget that the best film director Neil Burger has on record (better than this one) was ‘The Illusionist’. This director probably does believe in magic.




What are the effects of the drug on our hero which seems to be doomed to be an eternal loser? They turn him into a super-smart analyzer and winner into the stock market, a heart-breaker speaking all languages immigrant waiters speak, but they also put him in trouble with the Mafia and maybe – we just never know – turn him into a murderer. Bradley Cooper with the help of some special effects that make his eyes more blue than deep sea when under influence does a fairly good job which is not pushed into the corner even by Robert De Niro in another of these roles that do not do too much good to his filmography but may round corners to his bank account.


(video source Newfromhollywood)


The film does work eventually especially if concerns about morality and credibility are pushed aside. If at some point in time one may suspect that the story will make the case about drugs not really improving life or eventually asking the payback for their effect some disappointment may be in the waiting. Limitless is fair entertainment based on an interesting premises, the kind of movies we remember the idea but not the details soon after we finished the viewing.