These are maybe the most Israeli two days in the year. Memorial Day – the day we remember the soldiers fallen in the wars of Israel and the victims of the terror attacks against Israel precedes the celebration of Independence Day – the day of re-birth of the Jewish state.




On all holidays I search the Internet for information connected one way or another with the holiday. For Independence Day this year I researched a little the history Israeli rock bands and I picked a few relevant names, sounds and images. The search itself was interesting, as I found out that while building again the country and the nation, young Israelis had time to listen to what happened on the musical scene in the world and created a local musical scene that was for the last few decades challenging and interesting, searching for the ways of expressing the problems and the emotions of the young and not so young generations here. I hope that you will enjoy what I found.


(video source spirtw72)

The Curchills were one of the first Israeli bands to play psychedelic and hard rock in the 60s and 70s, they played in English most of their songs and worked with local star Arik Einstein.


(video source Korozzz)


Sipurei Pogy (Pogy’s Stories) is a collection of songs by Kaveret a band which became popular in the 70s, combining catchy songs and humorist texts. It is said that one of their concerts was attended by half a million people at the time the whole population of Israel was three million. I am not sure where these half a million people gathered, but even as a story this is record-breaking.


(video source lahatuna)


Tamouz founded in 1976 were short-lived, but they had a huge hit Sof Onat HaTapuzim (End of the Oranges Season) and launched the solo careers of two popular singers Shalom Hanoch and Ariel Zilber.


(video source speedyjew42)


This recording of Mashina dates back from 1992, at the Arad festival, which used to gather the best Israeli bands and singers until a tragic accident in which several young people died led to its interruption.


(video source 1975clum)


Zikney Tzfat (The Elders of Safed) brought for the few years of their existence a wind of punk and grunge on the Israeli rock scene.


(video source EifoHayeled)


Another popular band of the same period was Eifo HaYeled (Where’s the Child).


(video source taikang)


Crossing into the new millenium Beit HaBubot (House of Dolls) is one of the bands which focuses on melody and is closer to mainstream.


(video source hadagnahashofficial)


Formed in the 90s HaDag Nahash (The Fish-Snake) is one of the most influential bands today, combining rock and hip-hop, and bringing in their recordings and concerts a strong social and political message.


(video source fistuker)


One of the most popular bands today is HaYehudim (The Jews) formed also in the 90s and the name of the song is HaZman Shelach (Your Time).


(video source tseder3)


Last but not least, here are Etnix which combine rock with Middle-Eastern sounds.

Happy Birthday, Israel!