Passover is two days ahead, and it’s time for the traditional collection of clips which welcomes all Jewish holidays on The Catcher. This time it is all about rock music.



(video source AishVideo)


To remember the tradition first comes a Passover Rhapsody which turns the Haggadah into A Jewish Rock Opera.



(video source Thewhatsupband)


The Shlomones or The What’s Up Band are from Connecticut and define themselves as a Jewish American Rock-N-Roll band or sometimes with simple modesty The World’s Greatest Rock Band. Here they are playing I’m Going to a Seder.


(video source einpratfountainheads)


The Fountanheads from Ein Prat, Israel (not to be confused with an Irish band with the same name) are graduates and students of the Ein Prat Academy for Leadership, who work to create new expressions of Israeli-Jewish identity using music and dance, making video clips and appearing live. Here they are singing Breakin’ Free.


(video source Goldentusk)


Last clip is on hip-hop style, somebody complaining (or maybe not) about being a ‘Seder Masochist’ :-)


Hag Sameah, Sarbatori Fericite, A Happy Passover and A Happy Easter to all my friends!