Christmas Day is also the anniversary of The Catcher in the Sand. I started it two years ago, as an experiment with this format of communication on the Internet and as a way of sharing feelings, experiences, and information with my friends. It has become since then a part of my life, and maybe a part of myself.

I have written less in the second year on the Catcher then in the first one. It was a busier year from a professional and personal point of view, and not an easy one. I want to believe however that I have written better, and the feedback that I am getting is that I am on the right track. The feedback that counts I mean, the one from my friends and the one from readers who get to my blog while searching for a specific item, and stay here to read more because they found interest in the content and in the way it is written. A few friends help me with contributions and I thank them for allowing me to host their thoughts and experiences here.




What next? I plan to continue to write and share in this space. The subjects will cover almost everything. I will write about my hobbies, about books, movies, travels, music and sport games. I will try to keep out of politics, although what happens around in this politicized world have probably and will probably influence what I wrote and will write. I will also write less about my professional life, and not directly in any case, as there are other channels of communication where I am active and present all the time on the professional plan.


First of all I plan to have fun. I will keep this blog active as long as I will have fun doing it. I hope that you will also have fun reading The Catcher in the Sand and I invite you to share your feelings and impressions.


Happy Anniversary, Catcher!