As the whole Jewish world prepares to light tomorrow night the first candle of the Hanukkah festival, I searched the net as I always do for the traditional round of significant clips, songs, images related to the holiday to post on ‘The Catcher in the Sand’. It always is a rather easier task on Hanukkah than for many other holidays, as the positive and heroic message of this holiday translates in a lot of music and joy. So I decided to focus more the search this time and gather some of the more significant pieces of music created and posted in the last year in Jewish American and Israeli musical space. My findings were amazing. In two words – Hanukkah Rocks!


(video source westdawg63)


(video source MaccabeatsChannel)


My favorite holidays band are the Maccabeats – the chorus of the New York Yeshiva University. This was a great year for them with a performance at the White House praised by president Obama, the release of their first CD and a tour in Israel.


(video source einpratfountainheads)


The Ein Prat Fountainheads are a group of Israeli singers and dancers, students or graduates of the Israeli Academy for Leadership. Their life and studies are about ‘working to create a new Israeli-Jewish identity and building a strong and diverse community that celebrates Jewish life’.


(video source MatisyahuTVSME)


This was a year of changes also for the alternative and reggae singer Matisyahu, who recently announced that he gave up the Hassidic Jew appearance and mode of life in search for other forms of spirituality. Good luck to him – what is important is that he will keep doing good music.

To all my friends – Hag Hanukkah Sameakh!