Knight and Day was one of the 2010 summer blockbusters. With a plot line that is one of the less credible action stories ever seen on screens there was not much alternative left for director James Mangold but to play on the combination between the special effects and the charm and chemistry of the two mega-stars in the cast – Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. To a great extent he succeeded.




There can be no pretensions of credibility in a plot in which in order to get hold of a device the size of a battery (oh, it is actually a battery!) the bad guys simply make so that a whole commercial flight is populated by their men – passengers, pilots, stewardesses with the exception of our heroes, of course, who will kill everybody and land the plane relatively safely with no prior training or book of instructions. So as a viewer you better focus on the well choreographed actions scenes and on the ever changing landscape, with countries and continents changing at a pace that would make the envy of James Bond.

(video source TheTubeTrailers)


While actions scenes are good, they are not enough to explain that this film has charm and humor and makes for a good entertainment. The rest is especially added by the performances given by Cruise and Diaz, who enjoy themselves and seem to enjoy working with each other. The two actors are towards the end of the period when they can play the action people with romantic interest, Cruise is doing it for 25 years (since Legend and Top Gun more precisely) and Diaz for a shorter period, but it may be one of their last occasions for such casting.  The film does not take itself too serious at any moment and this is why we can enjoy its lighter touch.