Here we are, on the eve of the Jewish New Year or Rosh HaShana. The Year we enter in this evening is 5772.




The coming of the holiday is announced by the sound of the shofar, which is traditionally a ram horn.




Alsacian painter Alphonse Levy shows how it was blown in Europe in the 19th century …


(video source LowellSun)

… and here we have a clip filmed in a Reform synagogue in the US nowadays, we can hear its sound as well.




As with any Jewish holiday we have food associated. Honey is the main theme of Rosh HaShana with the wish that the next year will be sweet as honey is. We will eat our honey this evening with home made bread prepared by our beautiful daughter-in-law …


(video source MendyTV)


… but some prefer it with apple as we can see in the clip above.


Shana Tova!