The scene is all set for a great end of the European football season.


The arena is one of the greatest stadiums in the history of the sport, renovated a few years ago.

The teams are probably the best two teams in Europe this year.

(video source TheCrustyAss)

On one side we have Manchester United – the club that dominated the last half of the century in the country of birth of the game. Under manager Alex Ferguson they have won every important title in the last decade, and they seem to be fighting only with their own glory and place in the history. Their offensive star Wayne Rooney overcame a period of eclipse and became again the amazing striker he can be, pocketing also an amazing contract during the season.

(video source LMProductions10)

On the other side we have Barcelona, the winner this year as in most of the previous years of the traditional rivalry with Real Madrid in Spain. Manager Pep Guardiola is one generation younger than Ferguson, but his name is as identified with his club as is the Scott’s name with United. The Catalan club overcame a financial crisis this year to achieve a splendid season, and their star Lionel Messi has already entered the gallery of the best players in the history of the game, and he is not yet 24.

I dare not make any prognostic, games at this level can end with any result, and I only wish that the match this evening will be at the height of the expectations.