This evening at 8PM Memorial Day begins in Israel. In what is one of the many unique characteristics of this unique country Memorial Day always precedes Independence Day. We cannot celebrate before we remember the heroes that had fallen for the Jewish people to have a country and the victims of terror attacks who died only because they were Jews who wanted to live in their country.

(video source rigokmachor)

Thanks to a friend whom I never met in person yet – Angela Furtuna – here is a beautiful song inspired by a prayer, a song dedicated to the young men and women who are taking the supreme risks in defending our country with the arms in their hands.

(video source nocommenttv)

Here are a few filmed sequences from another moment unique for Israel – the two minutes when the whole nation stands in honor for the memory of the fallen ones. It will happen again tomorrow at 11 in the morning. I am certain that my thoughts and my wishes will be the same as of any other Israelis – may the fallen heroes and victims of terror we are honoring be the last in the circle of hate and violence!