Rugby is one of my favorite sport disciplines, and watching the 6 Nations Rugby tournament is the major sporting event for me during the months of February and March. The competition was this year as interesting as ever, with a few records broken and a few surprises that made it interesting until the last day. Actually that last day on Saturday was one of the most interesting final days I can remember.


The first match in the afternoon faced Scotland and Italy, the last two teams in the table fighting to avoid the undesirable wooden spoon trophy for the last place. Italy came after a sensational victory a week before against France, their first in an official 6 Nations game, and they seemed to continue to ride the wave leading 8-6 at mid-time. Scotland came back strongly however in the second half, and with 15-0 the second half score they ensured a 21-8 victory and avoided the last place.

(video source comeonmunstertv)

For the second game of the day England went to Dublin with the plans to achieve the Grand Slam – meaning win the championship with a neat five victories balance. They did not take into consideration the ambition Ireland puts in any match against England, doubling their skills. Ireland played the perfect game on Sunday Ireland beating England 24-8.


One of the three tries of Ireland in the game belonged to Brian O’Driscoll and made him the Championship’s all time leading try scorer.

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Suddenly England’s wining of the tournament seemed under threat, as Wales who traveled to Paris for the final game of the day could beat France and sneak into the first place at the last moment. However France who had a very uneven season this year played their best game, while the Welsh seemed to be overwhelmed by the opportunity. Eventually it was France who beat Wales by a comfortable 28-9 handling England the victory in this year’s tournament – a deserved first place as the English team dominated the season with the exception of this last day.