In the hallway of the building which hosts the Litvak Gallery part of the space is used for other exhibitions which can be seen as introducing the visitor into the art shows atmosphere. These are free, so even if you do not want to pay or you cannot allow the relatively high entry price to the Chihuly glass exhibition for example you can still enjoy the art exposed here.


The current exhibition there belongs to artist Orna Ben Ami, who makes iron sculptures. If there is something different or even opposite to glass as art material it’s iron the the counterpoint is extreme. About Orna we ca learn something from her Web site at She must be in her 50s, studied History and Political Sciences at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and seems to have gotten to art quite late, while living in the US


If the material is hard to master, her style is unexpectedly light, humorous, familiar. The objects are big and the material may be intimidating, but you can imagine very easily the same works at smaller dimensions or different media.


There is irony and tenderness in works like ‘Together’ or ‘The Rag Doll’ …

Rag Doll

… social commentaries in ‘Memories’ or ‘The Chairman’ …

The Chairman

… and deeper meanings in a piece like ‘Roots’.

In her work Orna Ben Ami succeeds to make a presumably hostile material close to our souls and capable or creating emotion. No easy task, but she succeeds, and what can an artist ask more?