The ARTE European TV chain brought last week at late night hours an outstanding Canadian short animation film. The name is ‘Lipsett Diaries’ and I found on the Internet two Web sites dedicated to this film, which received several important prizes at animation and short film festivals in 2010.

I did not find the film on the Internet but the trailer can give you a good idea about the exquisite graphics of the film. It’s not special effects visuals, it is hand work which gives you the string feeling that you are watching a work of art, same as if you find yourself in a museum.

(video source nfb)

The name of the artist is Theodore Ushev. He is born in Bulgaria and now lives in Montreal. Some of his works can be seen at

(video source nfb)

(video source nfb)

Here he is talking about his film which is dedicated to another figure of the Canadian art film – Arthur Lipsett (1936-1986). An animator, experimenter and author of short films himself, Lipsett was known and influenced such directors as Kubrick (who asked him to do a trailer for ‘Dr. Strangelove’ which unfortunately was never completed) and Lucas.  One of his short films earned an Oscar nomination. He never however fulfilled his destiny to become a great name in a world where commercial cinema dominates and little room is left for innovation and creation. This is what Ushev’s film is about.

A well written and detailed text about Upsett and his cinema is available at

(video source xezene1)

Here is a gem I found on youTube: Lipsett’s first film ‘Very Nice, Very Nice’. A couple of more films of his can be seen at