At the very moment I am writing these lines we are in the third day of the biggest ecological catastrophe in the history of modern Israel – a huge wildfire that is blazing through the north of the country, destroying property, wildlife and vegetation in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Israel.

the Janco-Dada Museum

Last night the fire reached the artists village of Ein Hod which was evacuated already a day ago of its inhabitants, as it was feared that the blaze will reach here. Unfortunately the fears were confirmed, and right now the firefighters are engaged in action in the village trying to stop the fire and save whatever is possible.

inside the Janco-Dada Museum

The artists village in Ein Hod is a unique place. It was created in 1953 by the Romanian Jewish painter Marcel Iancu (Janco) – co-founder of the Dadaism, one of the most famous avant-garde painters and well-known architects in Romania before World War II. After visiting the mandatory Palestine in 1938 and witnessing the rise to power of the fascist movement in Romania in 1940 with the pogroms and anti-Semitic laws that followed, Marcel Iancu left Romania and started a new life in Palestine, where the Jewish community was fighting for the creation of the Jewish homeland. He became one of the best known painters in the young old country, founded one of the principal currents of painting in Israeli art, and established the community of artists at Ein Hod in the village south of Haifa.

the main gallery

Ein Hod is a unique place and I’ve been there many times. A special museum is dedicated to the personality of Marcel Iancu, and also hosts important artistic exhibitions. Art galleries are permanently open, and each house is in itself a gallery, workplace, and collection for artists who came here to settle, live and create. I cannot imagine this place destroyed. I can only hope that as much as possible will be saved, and all that was destroyed will be built back and extended with a vengeance. Such a place of beauty and art should not disappear. It will not disappear.

Dona Rosa restaurant

About Ein Hod – the unique artists village in Israel – as it was and as it will be you can read at