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Tomorrow night, on the 15th day and on the first full moon night of the Jewish year starts Sukkot, or the Feast of the Tabernacles. An agricultural festival at origin, as similar holidays of other peoples celebrating the crops and coming of the autumn, Sukkot received a special meaning in the Jewish religion. During the week the holiday lasts the families are supposed to live and eat in the sukkot (open roof booths, tabernacles) as a reminder of the 40 years wandering of the nation in desert after the Exodus and before reaching the Promised Land.

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It’s a family holiday which has a special flavor in Israel. Sukkot show up near almost any house in the country. Some of the other traditions related to the holiday are described in the video above.

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Sukkot is one of the holidays when the house of the President in Jerusalem opens for the citizens. Above you can see one of these opportunities filmed in one of the previous years, with president Shimon Peres receiving and being honored by his guests. He shook the hands of 8000 people that day.

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Jerusalem has a special place in the traditions of Sukkot. In the old times the holiday was one of the three occasions each year when the people of Israel came in pilgrimage to the Temple. Today the temple is no more, but parades and music in the streets entertain the many visitors of the city during these days. The prophet Zechariah predicted that when the days of Messiah will come all nations will gather in Jerusalem to celebrate together the holiday.

Hag Sukkot Sameah!