Browsing on YouTube after I have seen a documentary on the two faced paintings of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner I discovered this film that catches the war lithographs and more works of Otto Dix inspired by his trauma during and after the First World war.

(video source artpopulus)

The series ‘War’ was part of the exhibition at the Neue Gallerie in New York that I wrote on the blog about a couple of months ago. In this video we get some more of the works in which Dix saw a way of putting behind him the experiences of the war, in order to open what will become the most proliphic period of his career in the 20s years of the last century.

Kirchner reaction to war was different. He found refuge in Switzerland, abandoned his style and themes inspired from the Bohemian life of pre-war Berlin and Dresden and started to exorcise himself by painting landscapes and sliding into morphine addiction.

(video source lucilleetjeanne)

The two German painters will share the ‘honor’ to be included later in the category of authors of degenerated art by the Nazi regime.