Tonight takes place the opening ceremony of what is considered by most sport fans in the world with the exception of (some) Americans the greatest sport competition of the planet – the FIFA World Cup Final Tournament. I am no fan of opening ceremonies, for me the sports action is what counts, so today is still a day of relaxation and expectation before the games that start tomorrow. However, starting with tomorrow, if you will find me less active on the blog, you know the reason.

There are many intriguing questions related to this tournament. Will South Africa prove itself as a competent host for a competition that draws so much attention and passion from people from all over the world? Will any of the African teams be able to use the continental advantage at the same extent the Asian teams use it in the Japan-Korea World Cup eight years ago? Which one of the big stars of the moment will shine brighter – Messi? Ronaldo? Rooney? Robben? Who will be the Cinderella team of this World Cup? Who will win? Who will mark more goals? Who will go home disappointed first?

(video source TerenceLFC)

With my two national teams safely watching the games from their sofas I can also relax and enjoy the tournament without big passions. I did chose however a favorite of mine, and the song selected for this blog entry hints about who they are. The hip-hop version of ‘Shout for England’ sang by James Corden and Dizzee Rascal is a mix of a song from the 80s by Tears for Fears.

There are less than 24 hours before the first two teams enter the field. By tomorrow the four years wait is over. Let the games begin!