A few Passover Songs in the eve of  the holiday of freedom of the Jewish people.

Hava Alberstein’s version of Chad Gadya is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard.


Here is another version written by a famous chazan named Moshe Oysher.

(video by bluesdance)

… and an explanation of the song by rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg which is so fit to the symbolics of the song for the holiday and the history of the Jewish people.

(video by rjhiggins)

Passover songs into the hip-hop era sound like this – here a rap version of the story of Moses.

(video by 12tribefilmsfoundatn)

And to end with – Dayenu at the Passover celebration  in Kibbutz Naan.

(video by UntroubledSpirit)

Hag Sameah, A Happy Passover to all!