The Herzlya Museum of Contemporary Art hosts the principal section of an event that allows to the Israeli art fans a glimpse into a lesser known space – the contemporary art from Africa.

Herzlya Museum

The exhibition named ‘A Collective Diary, an African Contemporary Journey’ gather several artists, many of them living in Europe, creating in a variety of forms, styles and genres, from more carpets and pupets closer to the traditional view we have about African art to photos and video installations.

Willian Adjete Wilson - Black Ocean

The level of the exposed art is quite uneven to my taste. I liked the series of textile works (carpet-like) of William Adjete Wilson – from Benin, living in France – which talks about the African identity, history, culture and pride. They combine fresh colors and vision with a composition that reminded me the ‘Merry Cemetery’ in Sapantza, Romania.

El Anutsui - Area B

Another interesting installment is authored by El Anutsui from Ghana – he is working in metal pieces combined in large size objects that look like tapestries or textile cloth covered volumes. The artist has combined the local look of his country of origin with techniques and a way of thinking that belongs fully to contemporary art.

More information and pictures of the works of the exposed artists can be found at (in Hebrew). The exhibition is open until April 4.