On one of the Internet discussion lists I am subscribed to discussed a few weeks ago the work of Zaha Hadid. Some of my architect friends were less than enthusiastic about some of her works, criticizing the way she storms over urban landscapes and changes them in an irreversible manner rather than melding into or graciously complementing them.

The Metropolis cultural weekly at ARTE ran last week a segment about the inauguration of the building of the MAXXI Museum of the 21st century art in Rome. I say the building and not the museum, as for the time being it’s only the building that is open for a few weeks for visitors to see:

Fellow architects and critics are again less than enthusiastic. Some of the pieces of news back in November were indicating that the financing of the project got into some kind of trouble:



And yet, if we are to believe the ARTE report the first exhibition in the galleries will open in May. Until then one thing is sure – Zaha Hadid’s work leaves few people indifferent.